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Finals Week Ski Report

December 17th, 2013 by eric

In between writing final exams and grading graduate student essays, I’ve also been doing something fun: learning to cross-country ski! I got me some beginner skis and boots and poles and have been out and about, falling down willy nilly around Fairbanks. My first lesson was on Saturday at the extensive UAF trail system. Lovely warm day (-5C) for falling down. Sunday was a bit colder (-20C) but perfect for a day in the woods on the Goldstream Sports trails, which I can ski to from my house. I took Monday off but was back outside today for a ski around my neighborhood at a brisk -30C. I found signs of many hares and a large depression in the snow where a large moose must have rested for a while.

I’m going to be skiing a LOT to train for a big trip I’m working on! More details later.


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