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Notes on Proofs

July 12th, 2012 by eric

I just finished going over the galley proofs for our newest manuscript, using my good old ‘proofer‘ program. This time I found mostly minor errors on the publisher’s part, including some misplaced thousands separators, misplaced column headings, and missing bold emphases where they should have been. The copyeditors also made a bunch of stylistic and grammatical changes, some of which are listed below.

  • while -> whereas
  • while -> although
  • compared to -> compared with
  • comparison to -> comparison with
  • i.e. -> i.e.,
  • e.g. -> e.g.,
  • paper -> article
  • here -> herein
  • here -> in this study
  • above -> earlier
  • below -> later
  • Hence -> Hence,
  • Therefore -> Therefore,
  • Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly -> First, Second, Third
  • either this, that, or the other -> this, that, or the other
  • in order to -> to
  • appears -> seems
  • dataset -> data set
  • E-value -> E value
  • overhyphenation (species-level, widely-divergent, higher-level, nearly-core, non-coding, multi-gene, non-zero, maximum-likelihood)
  • underhyphenation (high-frequency)

Looking forward to getting this paper finalized! Unfortunately there’s no funding to pay for open access for this paper ($3000), although it will still cost about $850 to publish just due to page charges ($50/page). Sigh.

It definitely makes sense that the above (sorry… ‘earlier’) corrections are worth signing over the copyright (and the $850), since in the end they are much more valuable than the hundreds of hours my co-author and I spent gathering and analyzing the data, writing the paper, responding to reviewer comments, and correcting copyediting mistakes introduced by said publishers. I definitely do not feel ripped off at all.

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