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Ocean Sciences Meeting 2012, Salt Lake City

February 27th, 2012 by eric

After 7 years in Oceanography grad school, I just got back from my first ever Ocean Sciences meeting, which was great. I saw a lot of old oceangrapher friends and talked to a lot of people about science! In a perhaps naive attempt to limit my carbon footprint, I took ground transportation back to Hamilton, which involved 42 hours of train travel, 6 hours of bus travel, and 6 hours of sleeping in the Detroit coach terminal. Ah well. I tried.

I presented on hima and ddmp, projects I’ve been working on to organize information on genomes, metagenomes, and phenotypes from cold environments.

You can download a PDF of the poster here: OSM2012.pdf.

I’d like to acknowledge an ASLO Early Career Award and the University of Hawaii NASA Astrobiology Institute’s Computational Astrobiology Summer School for financial assistance in helping me get to the meeting, and to my couchsurfing host Amir for letting me crash!

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