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June 14th, 2012 by eric

Continuing the good week, I have accepted a job offer at the University of Alaska — Fairbanks, and will be joining the Institute of Marine Science early next spring as an Assistant Professor in Oceanography!

An additional piece of good news is that my first NSF grant proposal was funded through the Office of Polar Programs, in collaboration with Jody Deming at the University of Washington! The award, Collaborative Research: Seasonal Synergy between Bacterial Osmoprotection and Algal Production in Sea Ice, is to study whether bacteria use compatible solutes like glycine betaine to survive in sea ice at low temperatures, and whether those compounds influence the nutrient cycles that enable the high levels of primary production by ice algae in Arctic sea ice.

For those who may be curious as to what this money will go towards funding:
— 40% for salary, tuition, and benefits for a grad student for 2 years
— 15% for salary and benefits for myself (most profs have to find their own summer salary)
— 10% for supplies to actually do the work
— 5% for travel and field work (at the Greenland Climate Research Center!)
— 30% ‘overhead’ (scientists are consummate communalists, and a generous portion of every grant goes to maintaining the department’s infrastructure and personnel for the good of the whole. at UAF the “Facilities and Administration” rate is 49.5% of the total grant less exempted costs like grad student tuition)

Climbing on the Granite Tors near Chena Hot Springs
Eric on Granite Tors

Teal finishing her set at the Fairbanks Folk Festival
Teal at Fairbanks Folk Festival

Double Rainbow Porcupine!!
Double Rainbow Porcupine!

Rainstorm over Granite Tors
Granite Tors Rainstorm

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