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Oral Presentations

Collins RE and JW Deming (2011) A lateral gene transfer event enables the catabolism of common compatible solutes by Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H. [3 Mb PDF]

Collins RE (2011) Icy Evolution: Communities to Genes. School of Fisheries and Oceanography, University of Alaska at Fairbanks. [28 Mb PDF]

Collins RE (2010) Astrobiology and Bioinformatics: Past, Present, and Future. McGill University, Quebec, Canada. [6 Mb PDF]

Collins RE (2010) Astrobiology + Bioinformatics. Computational Astrobiology Summer School, University of Hawaii- Manoa, Hawaii [16 Mb PDF]

Collins RE (2008) Icy Evolution: Lateral gene transfer in the Arctic? Speaker, Polar and Alpine Microbiology Meeting, Banff, Alberta, Canada.[4Mb PDF]

Collins RE (2006) Archaea in Arctic Winter Sea Ice. Speaker, American Society for Microbiology Northwest Meeting, Seattle, Washington. [4Mb PDF]

C.A. Fuchsman (presenter), W.J. Brazelton, R.E. Collins, C. Horner-Devine, and G. Rocap (2008) Vertical Descent or Lateral Transfer? Unraveling the large number of shared genes between anaerobic and/or thermophilic Bacteria and Archaea.

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